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Teacher's Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions from NFSP Certified Teachers concerning day-to-day instructional issues in their "Fishing in Schools" Program school . . .

"How do I gain online access to the NFSP Curriculum?" Lesson Plans for the NFSP curriculum are provided online for access by NFSP Certified Educators (Level 1, Level 2 and Mentors) on this site at teacherassistance.html (Contact us if you have forgotten your user name and/or password.)
"What should I do when a rod gets broken? All rods are covered by some type of warranty.  Depending on the rod manufacturer, they vary just a bit.  Please select the manufacturer to see how to proceed. Click here for guidance.
"How do I get replacement items - rods, reels, lines, leaders, flies, etc.?" Schools need replacement items from time-to-time, especially "consumables", such as flies, leaders, etc.  Please visit the NFSP Online Store for such items:
"How do we get additional teachers certified to teach the program?" No one may teach the "Fishing in Schools" program without having first been trained to do so by an NFSP Level 2 Certified Teacher Trainer or Level 3 Educator.  NFSP has an ongoing, dynamic "teacher training" program to certify schools teachers as "NFSP Level 1 Certified Teachers".  These one-day sessions are held across the country and are scheduled based upon demand and availability of resources.  Please see the schedule on this site.
"I've forgotten how to tie the Eugene Bend Knot . . . any quick reminders available? (I'm too busy to look it up in the curriculum.)" Please see our instructional videos on "You Tube"

NFSP has an ongoing effort to provide online access to videos that are designed specifically to assist NFSP certified teachers.
"How soon after starting the course would you suggest taking our students fishing outdoors?" Not until you have completed at least the first 3 Lesson Plans.  If you take them before then, you are being a bit unfair to your students, as they will be inadequately prepared and trained to perform properly . . . risking less than desirable results.  (REMINDER: take them to a pond, NOT moving water, for their first fishing.)
"We need more rods, how do we get them..." Go to the NFSP Online Store and order from there.  Prices are specific to the "Fishing in Schools" program and the equipment will be suited to match what you already use.
"Do I understand correctly that NFSP can provide a mentor to perhaps help me in class?" Yes.  By partnering with a variety of experienced outdoor educator groups, NFSP pre-trains Mentors across the country.  If we do not yet have mentors specific to your school/area, we are working on it.  Please contact Katie Dement, Program Manager, for your needs.
"We would like to use the Learn How To Fly Fish text in our junior/senior class . . . can we do that?  How?" Yes.  The "Learn How To Fly Fish" textbook is available from the NFSP Online Store.
"Is there going to be an NFSP competition in our area?  My kids would like to attend." Hope so.  We are working on setting up such "FISH* Tournaments" in cooperation with our state fish & wildlife agency partners.  Keep an eye out on this site.  We'll also alert you when we are ready to get underway.

* Fishing in Schools Happening