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This page/region of the website is designed to provide support and assistance to NFSP Certified Teachers and those exploring to become one.  These are the "troops on the ground" who teach the NFSP curriculum in our public and private schools. 

Please check here regularly for updates, revisions, etc., as we are continually adding what we hope are helpful topics to make your job easier and more productive.


Every teacher wishing to teach the curriculum of the "Fishing in Schools" program must be certified by an NFSP Certified Teacher Trainer or Educator.  A teacher may take the training at any scheduled workshop in advance of his/her school/institution committing to the program. 

These one day sessions are scheduled from time-to-time and are held in a variety of locations.  The cost is $50 per person (credited against the cost of the program once acquired.)  To sign up for a session, please fill out and submit the registration form below.

The NFSP CAST Online Training platform is an option for anyone who wishes to be trained via the internet.  This easy-to-use system offers the convenience of taking the course where and when it is most suitable to the user.

Current NFSP Personal Teacher Training schedule:

February 22 & 23, 2020: CALCAS Lincoln, NE see flyer

February 29, 2020: CALCAS Bellingham, WA see flyer

March 10 & 11, 2020: CALCAS Nashville, TN see flyer
Cxld due to tornado

March 13 & 14, 2020: CALCAS Sandston, VA see flyer

March 28 & 29, 2020:CALCAS Lynnwood, WA see flyer
Cxld due to virus

To take one of our self-study, online courses, see NFSP CAST Online Course

Training Registration


"Hey.  I just wanted to let you know that we received the NFSP Curriculum Kit.  I was so excited, so of course I had to get it all out this morning. I was like a kid on Christmas. Also I wanted to say that I am very impressed with the quality of the whole kit- targets, rod, reels, storage, etc.  I am so thankful to receive assistance with this and look forward to implementing it with our students/school. They are going to love it.  Thanks again for all that you do,"
Tyler Cathcart
APE Teacher
The Watson Institute, Sewickley, PA

"Katie, the post-training survey did not quite cover enough about what a fantastic job you did for us in Reno on January 7. You are truly a great and I would feel personally insulted if you came to our area again and did not let me know so that we could get together for lunch/dinner, wet a line, etc... 

This is a tremendous sportfishing area and there should be opportunity for NFSP to shine. I do hope so!  Our conversation was warm, welcome, and informative. 

Thank you (if for nothing else, helping to clean up my unsatisfactory casting stroke)."

CK Baily, Carson High School
Carson, Nevada



"All done.  Online certification worked very nicely and didn't have any issues.  I'll be in touch to order more flies and maybe another banner or two.  Otherwise I believe I'm set in terms of my requirements to teach. 

Thanks for the communication along the way.  Can't wait to run the unit."

Michael Gibbons, Half Hollow High School, Dix Hills, New York