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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about the "Fishing in Schools" Program

"What is a F.I.S.H. Tournament?" Fishing In Schools Happening.  A fishing tournament for NFSP students.  View Powerpoint
"What are FishTargets?" FishTargets are realistic reproductions of 20 species of fish used as training aids in both the flyfishing & spinfishing curriculum.  Quick video  Get them here
"What digital tools are available to help me teach?" Quite a few:
(1) Online Lesson Plans
(2) "Learn How To Fly Fish" app
(3) "Cast A Fly, Catch A Student-Teacher Edition" app
(4) "Cast A Fly, Catch A Student-Student Edition" app
"How does my donation to the Fishing Education Foundation help?" Please view a description of how a contribution to FEF directly influences the education of students in public and private schools.  click here.
"One of our teachers transferred, how can we train her replacement?" The simplest way to take a training or refresher training, is to do so via NFSP CAST - our online distance training & learning platform. For details, click here.
"What will our Curriculum Kit contain?" The standard NFSP Curriculum Kit for fly fishing (CAFCAS) contains these items . . . see video (48 secs.)
"May we see what the CAFCAS curriculum consists of...?" This video slideshow should explain things pretty well . . .  see video (4 mins.)
"When did "Fishing in Schools" get started"  The Fishing in Schools Program was started in 2009.  It was patterned closely after the successful "Archery in Schools" program and many of its practices are employed by NFSP.  For a video overview, click here.
"How do I gain access to the Lesson Plans?" The "Cast A Fly, Catch A Student" Lesson Plans are made available online, through the "Teachers" portion of this site, to NFSP Certified Teacher Trainers, Teachers and Mentors.  To gain access, you must use the appropriate login ID and password.  Please contact us if you need these credentials.
"Who started NFSP?" The School of FlyFishing, a 12 year-old company of Lincoln, Nebraska, committed to providing fly fishing education, working in cooperation with the Nebraska Dept. of Education and the National Archery in Schools Program, began developing the program in early 2009. 
"What is the Fishing Education Foundation (FEF)?" NFSP is the registered trade name of the Fishing Education Foundation (FEF.)  FEF is a non-profit corporation that provides grants to schools to help them acquire the NFSP program.  The non-profit receives financial and payment-in-kind contributions from individuals, industry and companies interested in having our youth learn this lifetime outdoor skill.  The foundation is guided by a Board of Directors.  Schools may apply for funding on this site at FEF Application  Download the brochure.
"What groups support NFSP?" Support of the "Fishing in Schools" program comes from an ever-expanding diversity of groups interested in outdoor education of youth.  Please see who they are...
"How does a school qualify for funding?" Grants are available from FEF to schools that qualify to the extent funds are available.  For details on how a school qualifies, see "School Qualifications" in this site. 
"What is an "NFSP Curriculum Kit?" "Fishing in Schools" provides everything a school/teacher needs to get started teaching this exciting outdoor curriculum in their school.  The NFSP Curriculum Kit is the "equipment" package provided with the program fees.  See video.
"How does the training program work?" NFSP adheres to a 3-tiered instructional/certification program.  Please see details at Training Teachers.
"How long is the training to teach me how to provide this program in my school PE class?" One day.  An NFSP Certified Teacher Trainer (Level 2, CTT) provides the instruction to school teachers.  This training is usually done in groups at various times in the individual states/regions.  Teachers must take and pass a certification assessment before receiving the curriculum and being allowed to teach the program.  Please see Teacher Training.
"Does the curriculum meet educational standards?" Yes.  National academic standards are met in the "Fishing in Schools" 10 day foundation curriculum in these areas: PE, Science, Technology and Language Arts.  For further details, see Standards.  (Adaptations are underway to meet math and fine arts standards.)
"How much does the program cost?" $3500.00  See "Fishing in Schools Program Cost"  for details.
"What is Cast A Fly, Catch A Student?" "Cast A Fly, Catch A Student" is the current curriculum of the Fishing in Schools program.  It was created by a team of educators from The School of FlyFishing and high school teachers in Washington state.  The companion curriculum that uses spincasting equipment instead of flyfishing, called, "Cast A Lure, Catch A Student", is in development, with a availability/completion target date of Fall, 2019 school year.
"How do you fish indoors?" One of the strengths of this program is that despite seasonal changes that prohibit or restrict outdoor activity, "Fishing in Schools" can take place year round.  Learning to cast in a gym indoors can be consistently accomplished without regard to weather.  It is a great way to encourage youth to get outdoors once Mother Nature allows.  See a demo
"How big a gymnasium should we have?" Most middle & high schools will have no problem.  Even the smallest of "standard" size gyms are suitable.  If fly casting, height is the most demanding requirement: 22' minimum clearance, with higher better.  Width of 50' is OK; length usually the least issue at 90'.  If width is an issue, simply set up so that the longer axis length may be used for casting.  (For specifics on how schools qualify, see "School Qualifications")  (For gym layout ideas, see "gym layout"
"What are CasTargets?" CasTargets are the unique new casting training/educational  aids from The School of FlyFishing.  They are an important element in the NFSP curriculum, utilized by a teacher to develop casting accuracy and learning about fish, aquatic resources and lures at the same time.  There are several types of targets.
"What is the student reaction to "Fishing in Schools?" Feedback from students taking the course in the pilot schools and from those participating in NFSP events are very enthusiastic.  Here are some "testimonials" from some of the younger ones...
"We need your W-9 form" pdfs/W-9 FEF.pdf