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"Cast A Lure, Catch A Student"

Spincast Curriculum


"Cast A Lure, Catch A Student" (CALCAS) is the spincasting curriculum of the National Fishing in Schools Program.  It is currently in final stages of completion and peer review.  It is the sequel to "Cast A Fly, Catch A Student" (CAFCAS), the fly fishing instruction that is the initial curriculum of NFSP.

The spincast curriculum has been developed over a period of several years.  Many professional educators have contributed to its evolution, beginning in 2014.  It has been specifically designed to be most effective for the younger student in the K-12 school system.  The curriculum meets national academic standards in PE, science, language and technology (as does the fly fishing curriculum, CAFCAS.)

Many schools/institutions may wish to begin their instructional journey with this simpler, easier-to-teach & learn, spincasting curriculum.  Upon completion of CALCAS, adding the CAFCAS fly fishing curriculum is quite seamless, with little additional investment required: primarily rod outfits and accessories - the base equipment remains unchanged.

The final Curriculum Development Team is identified below.  All of these individuals, as well as the original draft team, have contributed their time and talents on a purely volunteer basis.  Collectively, they represent:

  • 250 plus years experience in fishing

  • 60 plus years of teaching fishing professionally

  • having taught 10s of thousands of anglers how to fish

  • and certified over 600 school teachers how to teach fishing to youth

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Matt Avey  Dana C. Cole Katie M. Cole  Eric Einspahr
Dr. Matt Avey Dana C. Cole Katie Dement Eric Einspahr
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James Fischer Dr. Frank Lynott CALCAS Team