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"Perfection Loop Knot"

Purpose:  The "Perfection Loop Knot" is used to create a loop in the end of a line (usually leader monofilament.)  This knot is normally tied in the end of the leader butt or butt section.   The loop created is then used with an "interlocking loop" to connect other sections.

Step 1:  Allow about 8” of material to work with.  Using your right hand, form a loop in the tag end with the line going behind itself; pinch the junction where the lines cross with your left hand; then turn the loop in your hand so it points to the right . . .

Step 2:  :  Using your right hand, wrap the tag end around/over the top of the loop 2 turns (twice); put the second wrap to the right/outside of the first;

Step 3:  :  With your right hand, reach through the loop from underneath and pull the first/inside wrap over the top of the second/outside wrap and back through the loop to the right . . .

Step 4:  :  Work with the resultant loop you've formed to get the size you want; (for most situations a loop size of 1/4" to 3/8" in diameter); to tighten, pull on the running portion of the material with your left hand, while holding the loop with your right hand.

Step 5:  The last step is to closely trim the tag end of the leader.

A primary use of the loop created with this knot is with "interlocking loops": (also called "handshake loop").  For more on their use, see "Slip-on leader butts" in the glossary, or go to “Slip On Leaders”  in this text.

Perfection knot video

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