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“Handshake Loop”

Purpose:  The "Handshake Loop" is used to connect various line or leader sections together.  It interconnects two lines that each have a loop in their ends.  It is also referred to as a “loop-to-loop” connection.


Step 1:  Hold each line in opposite hands;

Step 2:  Slip the line in your right hand through the loop of the line in your left hand;  


Step 3:  Then put the running portion of the line in your left hand through the opposing loop;

Step 4:  And continue to bring that line all the way through the opposing loop;

   Step 5:  The last step is to tighten the two loops together forming the final “handshake”.

A primary use of this knot is with the “Perfection Loop Knot” which is used to tie the loops in the ends of the lines or leaders.  For more on their use, see "Slip-on leader butts" in the glossary, or go to Slip On Leaders for further description.

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