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Outcome  Expected Program Outcome

Evaluation of the published results of the successful “Archery in Schools” program yields ample evidence that the “Fishing in Schools” program can also result in the following outcomes: teachers experience better student attendance, behavior, grades, and that the program is able to reach 1,000,000 youths annually after 6 years.

Their surveys report the following results.
  • +/- 95% of students will report they like the program
  • +/- 65% will state they believe it makes their PE class more enjoyable
  • +/- 90% will report they have positive feelings about themselves while taking the courseHappy with 1st Bluegill
  • +/- 25% will improve academic performance
  • +/- 30% will improve their level of physical fitness
  • +/- 50% will be willing to participate in related after school activities
The broader effect of the NFSP program is expected to result in increased stewardship of:
  • The outdoors in general
  • Freshwater environments
  • Fish & wildlife resources 
This initiates a “bottom up” effect generated by students who gain the participation of parents, grandparents, other family members, etc., thus further expanding the program's reach.

As is done with the "Archery in Schools" program, "Fishing in Schools" is also conducting statistically-relevant surveys of its participating schools, teachers and where possible,  students.  See the "Pre-Program" and "Post-Program" surveys for details.