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Fishing Education Foundation Board of Directors

The Fishing Education Foundation (FEF) was formed in January, 2009.  It is a 501 (c) (3) corporation.  Its purpose is to encourage outdoor education in schools by provide matching funds to schools/institutions who wish to participate in the "Fishing in Schools" program.

100% of tax-deductible contributions small or large to FEF go toward education in our public and private schools, outdoor education agencies and institutions and teaching the "Fishing in Schools" curriculum to educators.

The Board of Directors serve for a period of 3 years per cycle.  Please feel free to contact any of them.

Thank you.

Dana C. Cole

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Dana C. Cole  Katie M. Cole  Tracy Krause  Craig Broyhill 

Dana C. Cole

Katie Cole Dement

Tracy Krause

Craig Broyhill

David Whitehurst

Matt Avey Teresa Rodgriguez