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Director:  Dana C. Cole
Inside Director

Dana C. Cole is the Chairman of the Fishing Education Foundation, which is the parent of the National Fishing in Schools Program.  He is the founder and C.E.O. of The Fishing Education Foundation/NFSP and The School of FlyFishing. 

Dana is (now) a 73-year-old business owner who has had the good fortune of fly fishing since the age of 8.  Having been taught by his father and grandfather, the family tradition has endured.  Mr. Cole's companies, including Grande Domain Retreats Fishing & Hunting Lodges, owned and operated properties across North America that offered some of the finest freshwater angling in the world.

Dana has over 60 year's experience in catching most of the continent's freshwater fish, including the trout, salmon, pike and char on flies.  He has fished in all the Canadian provinces, and many of the states in the US with flowing water. 

He is the author of the School's textbook: "Learn How To Fly Fish: Student Handbook: A Guide To The Fundamentals of Fly Fishing" and its companion version in mobile app form: "Learn How To Fly Fish."  He has taught thousands of people how to fly fish.  He developed and taught the fly fishing credit course at the University of Nebraska.  He is the author of the NFSP curriculum, "Cast A Fly, Catch A Student".  He lead the team creating the sequel spincast curriculum, "Cast A Lure, Catch A Student."  

Please contact Dana if he can assist you or your company in advancing "Fishing in Schools" in your area of influence.

"Fishing in Schools" is also directed by Dana's daughter, Katie Cole Dement