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The National Fishing in Schools Program (NFSP) is the registered trade name of the Fishing Education Foundation (FEF).  FEF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation, whose sole purpose is to provide financial support to schools wishing to adopt the "Fishing in Schools" program.

Funding for FEF is provided by public and private foundations, state and federal entities, companies and individuals interested in teaching youth a valuable lifetime outdoor skill.  From FEF, grants are awarded to applicant schools to the extent that funds are available.  The FEF/NFSP preference is for 50% matching funds: e.g., the participating school pays 50% of the cost and FEF awards a grant for the other 50%.  (Download the brochure.)

To review how you can support FEF with a tax-deductible contribution, please see "How To Support Fishing in Schools".

To review the "Fishing in Schools" program costs and NFSP Curriculum Kit contents, please see Program Cost.

Schools that require funding support to get started with NFSP may apply for a grant from FEF.  Applications are accepted year round and funds are awarded as resources are available. 

To qualify for a grant from FEF, a school/district must:

  • Step #1: Meet basic School Qualifications . . . see Qualifications

  • Step #2: Have each teacher who will be instructing the course become a Level 1 NFSP Certified Teacher . . . see Training

  • Step #3: Apply for the NFSP Program & Grant Funding . . . see How to apply