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NFSP Mentors

It is the intent of the National Fishing in Schools Program, working with its installed schools, school districts, state fish & wildlife agency partners and local groups, to provide an NFSP Mentor for each school participating in NFSP.  These individuals usually assist the teacher, who teaches "in school", with the outdoor/after school portion of their activities.  If requested by such teacher, they may also help indoors if they have the time and interest.

Mentors are individuals from outside the school, who have volunteered their time and skills to assist "their" school.  They provide guidance, supervisory and instructional support to NFSP Teachers.  This mentoring is most often provided in the form of taking the students fishing at a local pond, lake or stream.

Mentors are certified as "NFSP Mentors" by an NFSP Level 2 or 3 Teacher Trainer or Educator at a one-day Personal Training session.  Or, the NFSP CAST Online Training Course is a self-study, distance education course provided anytime on any device.  This is the same instruction given to school teachers who become qualified to teach the NFSP curriculum in their school.  Quite often, mentors are trained at the same time as the teacher(s) with whom they cooperate.

To learn more about what's required of an NFSP Mentor, or to apply to become one, please select the links below:

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