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NFSP Level 1 Teacher

NFSP Level 1 Teachers are the school teachers who deliver the NFSP curriculum to their elementary, middle and high school students in schools and institutions implementing "Fishing in Schools."

In the 3-tiered training hierarchy, Level 1 Teaches are the "workhorses." They deliver the NFSP curriculum to their students during the regular school day.  They are most often Physical Education teachers employed by a school or institution, but anyone may become an NFSP teacher.

Because the curriculum meets 4 National Academic Standards, there is ample potential for instruction outside of Health/PE as well.  PE is a "natural", however, because it is preferred for the teacher to use a school gymnasium in which to conduct the classes. 

At least one teacher from each school must be certified prior to teaching NFSP curriculum in a school.  Certification may be achieved at a Personal Training conducted by a Level 2 or 3 Instructor, or by taking the NFSP CAST Online Training Course.  Wherever possible, teachers are assisted in their efforts by an NFSP Mentor, who is also certified by undergoing the same training.  Mentors most often complement the teachers(s) by helping with the outdoor portions of the program.

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