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NFSP CAST* Online Training Course
* Course Applications for Students and Teachers

The NFSP CAST Online Training Course is a training and certification program for those wishing to become an NFSP Level 1 Teacher, Mentor or NFSP Level 2 Teacher Trainer.  The courses are provided as an online, self-study, distance-learning course for individuals.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Teachers wishing to become NFSP Level 1 Teachers and instruct students in their school
  • Teachers wishing to be re-certified as NFSP Level 1 Teachers
  • Educators wishing to become NFSP Level 2 Teacher Trainers, allowing them to "teach the teachers" (i.e., Level 1 Teachers)
  • Those wishing to become NFSP Mentors for an NFSP school or institution
  • Teachers seeking Personal Development
  • State or federal fish & wildlife agency personnel/educators
  • Home school educators
  • A parent/grandparent wishing to teach their child/children or other family members how to fly fish
  • Any person wishing to become certified to instruct others using the "Cast A Fly, Catch A Student" curriculum of the National Fishing in Schools Program

The course enables the successful applicant to teach or mentor NFSP curricula in public and private schools, institutions and/or to the public in general.  As an NFSP Certified Instructor (Level 1, 2 & Mentor), users have access to the curriculum and lesson plans, Educational Video Library, forms and handouts, quizzes and assessments, "Learn How To Fly Fish" Resource Library, and all updates.

There are 2 options for taking the online course of your choice.  Both options include anytime access to the NFSP CAST Online Training Course, including all quizzes, assessments, resource materials and certification exam.

Option #1:  Equipment Needed

For those not having access to an NFSP Curriculum Kit from an installed NFSP school or institution, there is some equipment necessary to make your training most effective.

  • OPTIONAL: 1 @ 4 piece, 5 weight fly rod outfit; the  type used by students taking the program in NFSP schools - (if you have your own fly rod outfit, it is not necessary to purchase this standardized NFSP rod outfit)
  • 2 @ FishTargets & Flies- these are the FishTargets used in the curriculum by instructors as critical training/teaching aids
  • 1 @ CasTarget Bullseye Target with Frame & Flies- the floor-mounted training/teaching aid used in the curriculum, indoors and out
  • If you need equipment to take your training, click here

Option #2:  No Equipment Needed

If you do not need equipment, just select the training course of your choice.

  • If you do not need equipment to take your training, click here