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NFSP Pre-Program Survey
(to be completed BEFORE participating in NFSP)

The goal of this study is to assess the effectiveness of the National Fishing in Schools Program by talking with participants both BEFORE and AFTER they complete their participation.  Your answers will help us learn about the effects of the program and your experience in going through it.  The results of this study will help improve the program.

Their are several types of questions in this survey.  Some only need one answer and will tell you when to "check one".  Some questions are followed by a list of items.  For these questions, we'd like for you to "check all that apply."  For these questions, you should check the boxes next to any answer that fits you and your situation. 

Thank you for participating in the survey.  The information obtained is completely confidential.  Responses are never associated with a name; results are analyzed and reported anonymously.  Any identifying information used to ensure accuracy of data collection is excluded from the final analysis.

This survey conducted under the guidance of Responsive Management, a professional data compilation and management company serving the outdoor industry

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