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CasTarget are the Official Targets of the National Fishing in Schools Program,
International Fly Tackle Dealer
2011 & 2012 Best of Show Youth-Specific Product
Best of Show Award

CasTargets are the official targets for the "Fishing in Schools" Program.  The patented CasTarget system provides goal-oriented tools that teach the skill of fishing while also educating students about fish, insects, flies/lures and natural resources.

CasTargets come in 3 different target types are used in both the CAFCAS (fly fishing) and CALCAS (spincast) curricula:

1. Waterscene Target (42" diameter)

2. Bullseye Target (42" diameter)

3. FishTargets (20 different species of fish)

CasTargets are made with a unique "velcro" loop material.  Casters use special flies or lures that stick to this fabric.  The caster is able to catch and release 20 different fish species (each with textual "fish facts" on one side.)  Or, using the round targets, students learn about fish, insects and flies or lures while improving their casting accuracy and consistency.

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